Social Program Registration

Thank you for a lot of registrations for the social programs. The organising committee will once close the registration at 17:00 on July 15th in Japan time. After then, you are able to register for that programs at the registration desk during the conference. The registration desk will accept only cash. If you want to pay the fee by credit card, please finalize your payment via the below website before the deadline. Thank you for your understanding. Reception party fee is included in “Standard fee”, “Reduced fee” and “Accompanying person fee” of the conference registration, and the registrants who have paid one of these category do not have to pay additionally. Read more

Sketch Exhibition: From Architectural Ethnography to Planning

From Architectural Ethnography to Planning: Kon Wajiro and Nishiyama Uzōʼs participatory research of everyday space in Japan from the 1910s to the 1970s This exhibition features the achievements of two architects, Kon Wajiro (1888‒1973) and Nishiyama Uzō (1911‒1994). Both worked outside of the prevalent architectural trends of the first half of the twentieth century. They documented the everyday living conditions of ordinary people and proposed new forms of housing for people on low incomes. In Japan, these two architects have long been understood as a scholar of ethnography and a planning scholar respectively, rather than as practicing architects. Foreign observers rarely examined the design and lifestyle of ordinary peopleʼs housing, therewith ignoring most of Japanese Read more