Book Talk

Would you like to have an occasion to introduce your book at IPHS 2018?
IPHS 2018 Yokohama Japan Organization Board offers you an occasion to present your books and articles to the audience who will surely be interested in. Especially those who have recently published their books, welcome to join us!

Each presenter have 5 minutes to introduce their books. We also offer you an exhibition table to show your books so please bring in your publications.


Book Talk 1: Room 1 (Facilitator, Akihiro Kashima) 

1. Eric Paul Mumford, Washington University
Designing the Modern City: urbanism since 1850

2. María Cristina García González, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
César Cort (1893-1978) y la cultura urbanística de su tiempo

3. Helene Bihlmaier, Bauhaus University Weimar / University of Valladolid
Manuale zum Städtebau. Die Systematisierung des Wissens von der Stadt Berlin

4. Kenji Asakawa, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
“Taking action on the SDGs in Japanese cities”

5. Li Hou, Tongji University
Building for Oil: Daqing and the Formation of the Chinese Socialist State, Harvard Asia Center

6. Christopher Silver, University of Florida
Urban Planning Education: Beginnings, Global Movement and Future Prospects and Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 7: The Right to the City

7. Azhar TYABJI, University of British Columbia, Canada
Bhuj. Art, Architecture, History

8. Maciej Motak, Cracow University of Technology
Outline of the History of the Urban Development of Krakow

9. Javier Monclus / Carmen Diez, University of Zaragoza
Urban Visions. From Planning Culture to Landscape Urbanism

Book Talk 2: Common Room (Facilitator, Naoto Nakajima) 

1. Keiichi Kobayashi, Tohoku Univ. of Art and Design
Reform of the Japanese Urban Planning System – A proposal as we enter the Post-Urbanization Period”

2. Ben de Vries, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
Post War Reconstruction in Netherlands 1945-1965. The Future of a Bright and Brutal Heritage

3. Toshio Taguchi, Akira Tamura Memorial – A Town Planning Research Initiative NPO
Historical analysis of a waterfront redevelopment project, Minato Mirai 21 project in Yokohama

4. Carola Hein, TU Delft
The Routledge Handbook of Planning History

5. Karl F. Fischer, University of New South Wales
Windows Upon Planning History

6. Zhongjie Lin, UNC Charlotte
Vertical Urbanism: Designing Compact Cities in China

7. Jennifer Minner, Cornell University
Framing Lost Utopias: The Place of International Expositions in Time” book chapter in Lost Utopias

8. Tomoko Kuroda, Mukogawa Women’s University
The Planning and Design Philosophy of Koshien Hotel: Consideration of Altruism and Self Interest

Book Talk 3: Room 4 (Facilitator, Magokoro Yoshihira) 

1. Ian Morley, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cities and Nationhood: American Imperialism and Urban Design in the Philippines, 1898-1916

2. Andrew Saniga, University of Melbourne
Making Landscape Architecture in Australia

3. Lynne Horiuchi & Tanu Sankalia, University of San Francisco (Tanu Sankalia)
Urban Reinventions: San Francisco’s Treasure Island

4. ILJI CHEONG, The Prefectural University of Kumamoto
1) アジアのまち再生 (Town Regeneration in Asia)
2) 自分にあわせてまちを変えてみる力 -韓国・台湾のまちづくり (The Power to Change the Neighborhood” by Customizing by Themselves)

5. Juliet Davis, Cardiff University
Dispersal: Picturing Urban Change in East London

6. Joseph R Hartman, University of Missouri – Kansas City
The Dictators Dreamscape: Building Machado’s Cuba.