Excursion – July 19th

Why don’t you go out after the conference to get in touch with the planning heritages around Yokohama and Tokyo? The organising committee offers three impressive courses of excursion on July 19th. These tours will be guided by local or academic experts. The excursions requires additional costs.

1. Newtown development in Yokohama suburban area

Kohoku New Town is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Tokyo center, about 10 kilometers north from the center of Yokohama City. It is about 2,530 hectares in area and one of the largest new towns in Japan with a population of 220,000. It was planned as one of the 6 Strategic Project of Yokohama City and connected with city center by Subway. Its characteristics are the residents’ participation in the planning process and green network realized by preserving the conventional topography and nature. In this tour we will visit old farm house preserved for community, networked parks, TOD development and so on.

Meeting place and time: 9:00am in front of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall
Ending place and time: 2:00pm in front of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall

Price: 3,500JPY (including bus and lunch)


2. Kagurazaka and Yanaka: Historic and Vibrant Urban Neighborhoods in Tokyo

Kagurazaka and Yanaka, located in central Tokyo, are now recognized as unique historic urban neighborhoods. In both neighborhoods, there is an organic street and alley network accompanied by a surrounding cultural landscape with strong sense of places. The excursion will visit Kagurazaka in the morning, and Yanaka in the afternoon. Professor Shunji Suzuki and Akiko Shiihara will give us a lecture, then guide us a walking trip that explores attractive places and people in these neighborhoods.

Meeting place and time: (1)8:00am at Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall or (2)9:00am at Iidabashi station (JR Sobu line, Tokyo)
Ending place and time: (1)5:00pm at Ueno station or (2)6:00pm at Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall

Price: 5,000JPY (including lunch)


3. Olympic Legacy and Imperial Gardens in Tokyo

We will visit olympic legacies of 1964 and 2020 in Tokyo. This course starts from Harajuku station and take a walk to Meiji Jingu shrine, Yoyogi park (legacy of 1964), New National Stadium under construction (view from the outside of construction site. anticipated legacy of 2020) and Shinjuku Gyoen park. The participants have to walk about 6km with taking some rests and lunch time, and they should prepare comfortable clothes and shoes to protect from the sun of summer.

Meeting place: Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote line, Tokyo)

Price(tentative):  2,500JPY (including lunch)


NOTE: The organising committee has closed the online registration. Colleagues are able to register for these programs at the registration desk during the conference. The registration desk will accept only cash. (July 15th)

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