Abstract Submission

Notice: Panels Submission was closed on 18 December, 2017.

Abstracts of research papers are required for all candidates who want to give their presentations. All proposal abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the academic committee. And the authors who want to publish their full papers in the conference proceedings have to go through a peer-reviewed process of full papers. The publication of abstracts and full papers are available only for the authors with conference registration.

Abstracts should be written in no more than 500 words exclusive of references. Links between the paper and the conference theme should be indicated with keywords if possible.
Also a short biographical statement (about 200 words) or a short resume needs to be submitted with the abstract, including full contact information (affiliation, address, email, and phone).
Abstracts (and full papers) should be written in English.

The proposer of Abstracts/Panels/Round Tables are able to submit multiple proposals. Thus, the authors can submit their abstracts as “the main author”.

Please submit your abstract through the form of “EasyChair” system. You first need to register to create an account and login to EasyChair, and then you can submit your proposal.

Deadline: 11th 18th December, 2017 <CLOSED>

The results will be notified to the authors in early February, 2018.

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