How much does it cost to stay in Yokohama?
You might hear the rumor that Japan is very expensive. However, there is a variety of accommodation in terms of cost. Although we have no “star” rating system, you can choose a type of accommodation as below, depending on your request.

Western Style Hotels

Full-Service hotels, including various international and Japanese hotel brands, can be found in Yokohama. As you know, you can stay comfortable night and have wonderful dishes there. The range of cost is from 150 US$ to 500 US$ per room.

Examples of Western Style Hotels:

Hotel New Grand
InterContinental Yokohama Grand
Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Business Hotels

We prefer our own room, so the option that suited us best were so-called “business hotels”. Most cities in Japan have a lot of small business hotels with reasonable prices. They are actually quite tiny, but clean, come with private bathroom and have all the amenities you need. You can get a business hotel room for about 100 US$ (for a twin or double room). These hotels often offer only breakfast but dinner. But all rooms have a water boiler and some even have a microwave, which can be used to make simple dishes like noodles.

Examples of Business Hotels:

Hotel MyStays Yokohama Kannai
Hotel Monterey Yokohama
Sakuragicho Washington Hotel
APA Hotel Yokohama-Kannai
Toyoko Inn Yokohama Kannai
Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama

Capsule Hotels

A step up from dorms, and unique for Japan, are capsule hotels where you sleep in a private enclosed box instead of dorms. You will share the bathroom and common areas with the other guests. Each capsule has a reading light, outlets and sometimes a small TV. Expect to pay around 35 US$ for a capsule per night.

Examples of Capsule Hotels:

Y’s Cabin Yokohama Kannai (Japanese only)
Business Inn Newcity (Men-only) (Japanese only)
Capsule Inn Miyako (Men-only) (Japanese only)
Hotel Imalle Yokohama Isezakicho
Resort Capsule Sakuragicho (Japanese only)


If you are on a backpacker budget and don’t mind sleeping in dorms, then you can find hostels for about 20 US$ a night for a dorm bed.

Examples of Hostels:

Yokohama Central Hostel
Yokohama Hostel Village Hayashi Kaikan
Hostel Zen (Japanese only)
Guest House FUTARENO

Do you need more information about accomodation? YOKOHAMA Official Visitor’s Guide will help you as well.